Monday, June 18, 2007

Time to Write...

Well, it seems that I finally have a few to write.

Two weeks ago my mom celebrated her 70th birthday, so John and I had a surprise party with 36 of her friends at our house. It was mass chaos, and I was an emotional wreck. If I'd only known that I was pregnant at the time, it would have explained a lot.

We had a wonderful weekend. A lot of cleaning of our monster house, but otherwise a great weekend. We spent time with some neighbors and had dinner with them. We have more fun playing with their little girl Isabella. She's 20 months of age and is adorable. She's in love with John and I do believe, wore him out. Isn't he in for a good time? We also did Father's Day with my family since John's father passed away a long time ago. It was really nice.

I took care of the infants at church in the nursery and had one little girl in there who was a cutie and chubby. She was so tired, I was able to finally rock her to sleep.

We're now officially 6 weeks pregnant and still scared to death. I'll be glad when week #12 slides by. I'll be even more glad to go to my doctor July 5th to see the ultrasound and know that our kid has a strong heartbeat. Still, of all those that read our blog, please keep us in your prayers.

Here's a picture at mom's birthday bash :) God bless all of you!

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