Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Writing with Students

I love writing when my students write....

Crush/Embarrassing Moment

   It was a cool, spring day and I was watching for you.  Would you step out of your door and look my way?  Oh, the anticipation was breathtaking.  I stared at your house as I walked toward the road, completely oblivious to the tree in my path.  Soon, leaves and branches stuck to my hair, and the peach tree that obstructed my view, would never stand upright again.

(Such a great ha ha moment with my best friend!!!)

The Ultimate Storm
   The name Irene haunts me to this day.  The radar consistently reinforced by fears of her monstrosity.  I had gone for an early morning run.  It was cloudy and muggy with so much heaviness in the air, breathing was difficult.  By mid-day, winds were toppling trees at a seventh mile per hour velocity.  We huddles downstairs in the tent we had pitched to make our then six year-old feel safe.  Then the lights went out.....

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