Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Writing the Perfect Paragraph

I am teaching my 8th graders to "write the perfect" paragraph.  Being a good teacher can be difficult, and I strive to be just that, so I have been writing with my students on the topics presented.  I have had a blast finding my creative juices.  Find the topics below and enjoy reading. (And yes, they give me constructive criticism too!)

Topic 1:  Create a superhero.
As I look out my window, I see a young, well-dressed figure streak across the sky. It is none other than the brave, young superhero, the Majestic Matthew. He swoops down to the ground to save a youngster drowning in a spewing fountain at Hidden Rock Park, who was trying furiously to make a wish to heal his dying mother. Majestic Matthew lifts the curious boy to safety, swaddles him in hugs, and reassures him his mother will recover quickly.

Topic 2:  Favorite book character
A handsome African-American male who is intelligent, and investigative in nature, is none other than Alex Cross, created by the author James Patterson.  Alex weaves through murder mysteries, and kidnappings like a spider building a web; being scrupulous in every move he makes.  His character was a motivational too for me to read many more novels in the Alex Cross series.

Topic 3:  Comfortable Place
I feel serenity, peace, and tranquility as beads of a grainy substance flow in between my toes. The sounds of waves crashing on the shore fill my ears with music. I run to play Frisbee with my son and try to catch it before it is swallowed by the ocean. These are a few things I enjoy about a summer visit to the beach.

Topic 4:  Important Person
I almost lost you a month ago.  I was devastated when my dad had to call the ambulance to take you to the hospital.  Your history on life's lessons has been impactful on the decisions I have made in being both a mother and an educator.  You have been one of the most positive puzzle pieces in my world, and I thank you for getting me where I am today.

5.  Topic 5:  The Perfect Day
We were buzzing along 64 east headed to Henrico Doctors Hospital.  I could not wait to see your face.  All the sonograms in the world could not prepare me for the seven and a half pound bundle plopped in my lap at 12:30 pm that Thursday afternoon.  You sure did have a temper and I know exactly from whom you go it......me.

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