Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Freaking fabulous weekend!

I know I have not posted recently, shame on me, but with New York and us all being sick with the stomach flu, time has been limited. And honestly, work has been rolling, which has been wonderful. I am now, however, doing the job for two people, so it's a little harder than before.

So, could we ask for a prettier weekend? Friday, I took a lot of time with Matthew this past weekend. We went Friday to Short Pump Town Center to ride the Short Pump Express. For $2 per person you can ride the choo choo (Matthew's words) around the mall. I thought he would be hesitant, but not my boy. He couldn't wait to get on it, and hopped right on. He actually heard the train while we were upstairs and exclaimed, "choo choo" before we could even get downstairs. We had a blast. We then ate in the food court, me chowing down on a Chick Fil A grilled sandwich (very Weight Watchers friendly), and he on a slice of cheese pizza from Villa Pizza. I thought for sure he'd get sick because he had eaten so much, but alas, I was wrong.

We then did the monotonous task of shopping at Wal-Mart afterwards, but he didn't care. Matthew loves grocery shopping, and I'm not sure if that's due to me taking him at an early age, but he does great. After getting home, he took a great nap and Dad arrived home. We went for a walk, and played on his robotic car.

We then did another walk after lunch. We just a super Friday!!! I love my family and can't believe how lucky a girl I truly am!

Saturday, I went for a run, we took off from the house and went shopping at Kohl's. I need new Nike's for the 10K this Saturday. We then went to Target to get some more goodies for Matthew's classmates and his Easter party, which I'm in charge of, ha ha. I have some Easter bags with goodies in it, and will make cupcakes this weekend. It should be lots of fun.

Matthew and I then went to Manakin Company 1 Rescue/Fire Department for their annual pancake supper to benefit their voluntary endeavors. Matthew refused to eat....no surprise there, and I blew Weight Watchers, I'm allowed to live, right? Matthew was more excited about the ambulance and fire trucks, so enjoy the pictures. Remember he was in the hospital last year? Evidently he doesn't remember and loved the ambulances!

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