Friday, November 6, 2009

What's been going on....

Well I'm still working, there's one good piece of information. I have been busier the past three weeks than I have been in my entire life (not really, but you know what I mean).

We have had pledge drive going on in radio...and woohoo, we made goal!
Matthew and I both got our flu shots. Thanks to good old Food Lion here near work, I was able to zoom on by there and get the shot. Matthew got his through his pediatrician's office. I was a freaked out momma while waiting for him to get his shot. It was flu central in there, kids coughing and spewing snought (gross)! I held him as close as possible to keep the germs away, but alas, he caught a cold. I literally wiped him down with Purell wipes when we got in the car.
As for the cold, he was a nice boy and shared his cold with his mom, so now I'm suffering. Every time I get going great on my workout schedule, BAM, something else knocks me off the treadmill....literally. Despite three days of battling this sucker, I hopped on the treadmill and did a six mile run/walk deal this morning. I'm sore! Anyway, I intend to kick this damn cold in it's butt TODAY! I bought a NetiPot, so we'll see just how disgusting this will be when I get home today.

At lunch today, I bought Matthew another Thomas video and a train. I thought since he's been sick, it's well-deserved. Poor kid, I can handle a cold, this I can deal with...those nasty viruses that cause the spiking fevers, not so much. We are on hiatus from church for a while, until the swine flu and all the other nasty viruses settle, we're using the "ounce of prevention" philosophy! Here's hoping that our methods work.

Weekends have been pretty uneventful, hanging out at the house. I will share, and I'm proud of the fact, we'll be attending a reception for Locked Out: The Fall of Massive Resistance this week. I worked hard, along with many others, on the educational components for the program. I'm ecstatic, and love to see my name scroll at the end of a program with the credits. It's cool and makes what I do so much more meaningful. John and I are still trying to find a date night, but it still has not fallen into place. The next few weeks are not looking too promising either, maybe Thanksgiving week? Oh no, I have the joy of having the mother in law over that day, but that's another blog entry entirely on its own. (I know I'm bad!)

And will someone please smack me? I don't know if it's because all of my friends are pregnant or what, but I'm really feeling the itch to have another kid. The sleepless nights, the illnesses, the nursing, do I really want to go down that road again? I keep hearing that the second one is so much easier, but is it less expensive? :) I'll go through all that guilt again of putting my child in someone else's care, and I don't need that. Okay, so I'm determined to win the lottery! That'll be the solution and the answer to all my prayers (and everyone else in the state of Virginia!). I bet if I did win, I'd have relatives coming out of the woodwork seeking my help! Get in line baby, I'm taking care of momma and daddy first, then us! My parents deserve more than I could ever give them for all that they've done for us as a family. We're blessed, and Matthew is even more blessed to have his "maw maw and pop" in his life.

Now just a few words about this cute little thing I gave birth to 21 months ago...he's adorable! I cannot get enough kisses from him when I get home, even when he's kicking and screaming to get out of the high chair. I still love him when he tries to kiss my cheek and instead accidentally bites me. I still love him when he throws sweet potatoes all over the floor of the kitchen. We are blessed to have such a healthy, beautiful child! And yes, he's still a crappy sleeper, here's hoping that will continue to improve.

To all of my readers, have a beautiful weekend, and snuggle with someone you love!

P.S. Sesame Street turns 40 next week! Elmo Loves You!

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Missy's Blog said...

Hey honey ... just catching up on blog reading. I know, I know I'm bad.

Have you tried the NetiPot? Mike uses it everyday and hasn't gotten one cold since starting it over the summer.