Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grumpy morning

Good grumpy morning!

It's Tuesday and I'm here at work for another fun-filled day. I don't know what got into Matthew last night, but he was up whining and fussing a lot throughout the evening. Therefore, no sleep for mommy. I had no Ambien last night to take either, so was not a good night for me either, so I think I was just more sensitive to his cries. Get new RX today, thank God! Sleep, here I come. I was so tired a couple of weeks ago, Matthew was evidently screaming right next to me in his pack and play, and I never heard him. John had to pick him up and soothe him. I was so exhausted and out of it. John said he asked me if I was letting him cry it out, and I said yes, and went back to sleep. I remember none of it! Pretty sad huh?

Off to other topics. I have to say this weekend was one of the BEST family weekends I've ever had. Although John had migraines all weekend, it made him actually sit down and take it easy. We curled up a lot on the floors in different rooms of the house and played with Matthew, it was very meaningful for me to have this. I have not felt that close to my hubby since Matthew was born, but it was truly wonderful. It gives you a whole new perspective on the love you have for your family.

I did on Saturday brave Wal-Mart on Parham Road with my mom. Matthew had a blast, and of course, I got him a little car that shakes and moves. He loves it. He has a new fondness for Legos as well. He actually put two together on Friday night and held them up for John and I to see. Of course, we praised the heck out of him, so then he started to try to keep doing them over and over again. He'd do a lame stack and be like "yee yee yee" and so John and I told him, "pretty close," but we're still proud of you. It was a hoot for about 15 minutes.

Matthew is also into this nasty habit of biting here lately. I still think this is a teething thing (tooth #5 is coming in) AND a breastfeeding thing. I quit breastfeeding 3 weeks ago, but he still seems to want to nurse at times. Sorry buster. Anyway, he bit my leg this past weekend, and from what I've read, and have done before, I plucked his cheek. This sent him into a wave of cries. John came running out to see what happened and I told him. John actually supported me in my efforts (WOW!). He proceeded to bite me again last night, and so I plucked his cheek again. He is learning. I hugged him after and told him how much we loved him but that behavior needed to stop. I really think we have a handful on our hands in the near future. He's also so very close to walking, that when life is going to really change.

Things here at work are still hairy. The economy I'm still praying is going to improve. It's a shame to come to work daily and sit on pins and needles wondering if it's going to be your last day. I feel for those who have lost their jobs and are unemployed and hope they find work and their lives improve for the best.

Okay, I'm outta here. I will share that I have my first photography gig ever with someone from church. They want me to do their son's Easter pictures. I was so excited when she asked me, and honored. There's a few dollars in my pocket.

Love to all of you and here are a few of Matthew.

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Missy's Blog said...

It was great catching up with you via your blog post.

The biting thing is horrible ... it probably won't last long. Griffin used to bite me between my chest and my neck ... and I didn't even breast feed (well, not long enough to count!). I hope it ends soon.

Congrats on your first photography job ... that's awesome!!