Monday, October 13, 2008

Quite the scare....

We had quite the scare on Wednesday with Mr. Matthew. Wednesday is Matthew's Daddy day, so John takes care of him on "hump" day. John called and asked me what to feed the little guy and I told him to try Gerber's Pear Strawberry Granola. Now, Matthew has done great with pears and strawberries, but evidently the granola was not a hit on Matthew's tummy :( He began vomiting around 2:30 and it was not spit up, violent vomiting to the point of choking. John called at 3:30 and told me to get home. I walked in the door and Matthew cried when he saw me. I took him and nursed him to get him rehydrated. He was playing on the bed and the "intolerance" for the food had seemed to pass, then he started acting like he was choking again, and he spewed milk all over our comforter. Executive decision on mommy's part, heading to the doctor. I rushed him to the pediatrician, it literally took me 30 minutes to get to the office. Anyway, intolerance, possible allergy to food. He was "over" it by 7:30 when we got home. I nursed him all night and he ate breastmilk only on Thursday. He seemed satisfied with it, but by Thursday night was ready for some "real" food. Thank God that is over and we all survived a couple of rough days.

Onto the weekend. I had to work this Friday! I would have given anything to be at home and resting! On Saturday, I did my usual run and then went grocery shopping at the Goochland Food Lion. I used to hate this store, but now it seems they have it "going on" with the products on the shelf and the customer service has improved greatly. Yippee! If you could have seen Matthew in his carrier surrounded by all the food I bought ($95 worth!) it was so funny! Anyway, he must have known that I was getting stuff for him, he decided to grab one of the babyfood jars and naw on it until we checked out. I figured what the hell :)

Saturday night we met John's brother Jim, who was visiting from Nebraska. What a GREAT guy. He and Jim are so much alike, it's unbelievable. I felt like an idiot sitting there at dinner at Red Lobster (my favorite!) and all the physics talk that was going on around me. I'm an English major, so I just fed Matthew and kept my mouth shut. Jolene, John's sister, and I did chat some. I love her! She's such a great gal. Okay, so for dinner at Red Lobster I got grilled salmon and those coconut shrimp again. Yum! My tummy was not as hungry as I thought it was, so I took most of my shrimp home and John ate them on Sunday, lol! We had a great night and didn't get Matthew to bed until almost 11 p.m., but oh well, he did fine, but wanted to wake up Sunday morning at 5:30. I don't think so. I rocked him back to sleep until 6 and he slept unil 8. Yippee.

Sunday morning I ran again, but it was a "low-key" run. I did about 5 1/2 miles. I then had to go back to the grocery store (damn) because I had forgotten to pick up cat litter. I picked that up and some batteries for Matthew's mirror in the backseat of my SUV. It plays a little jingle and lights dance around on it. It seems to make him happy when he's stressed out in the back seat. I got the cat pan changed after returning home, got Matthew and myself fed and got ready to head to John's sister's house for an afternoon with Jim and the rest of family. I was dreading this, but it turned out to be okay. However, John got mad at me when I lit a fire under his butt at 6 p.m., it was time to head home so we could get Matthew ready for bed, etc. I don't think he understands all that is involved in getting a baby ready for his sitter for the next day....packing diapers, wipes, food, there's a lot involved there.

Needless to say, despite the fact we kept little Matthew on schedule, he still did not want to go to sleep until around 9 p.m. ....ugh. 8:30 until 9:30 is my time when I like to read, and relax, but oh well, such as motherhood.

Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary. We're heading to Firebird's for dinner, and I haven't been there in a while. We're taking Matthew. Mom has him all day tomorrow so it wouldn't be fair to have her babysit him until 7 or so. He'll be fine I'm sure.

Until later, thanks for listening. Here are some pics of John's family and our gathering yesterday. Unreal how much Jim and John favor each other! And yes, that's me in there too sitting next to my mother in law.

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Missy's Blog said...

You've had a very busy weekend ...

I know how scary the incident with Matthew was. I totally can understand that helpless feeling.

I'm glad he's feeling better now ...