Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It seems like Fall!

Wow, been a while since I've posted, and quite the week last week!!!

Let's see, last Monday I was in a neighboring county doing a presentation, we had a meeting here where I presented to about 60 people, I went to church on Wednesday night to have my son scream out of pure delight at seeing all the kids running around, and had to go to Harrisonburg for a training at our sister station, WVPT. Oh man, the ride was gorgeous, 2 hours into the mountains of Virginia, but it was so pretty. I think John and I need to take a trip up there just to relax and enjoy some time away. Of course, Matthew will adventure with us. I can't imagine going anywhere overnight without him.

As for the weekend, I did some flower planting. Saturday morning I did a walk on the treadmill. It seems I pulled something in my back on Friday when I lifted Matthew. It's better now, but still a little tender when I try to pick him up. I have a feeling it's the mattress more than anything. Off to Value City I guess soon to do some shopping. I then went outside and planted a bunch of flowers. I was so embarrassed last week, one of our deacons showed up at our house to visit us and all my flowers out front were DEAD. Hello? I have an 8 month old, so trying to take care of flowers and watering is not a huge priority right now. The front porch looks so much better now and homely. When I did my walk yesterday in the neighborhood I was so freaking happy to see my mums all the way down on our road. They are gorgeous (thanks to Ukrop's!). I then went down to Wal-Mart (oh how I hate that place!) to see if I could find some outdoor Windex. This great invention hooks to your hose and you can wash your windows from the outside with it. No can do, I couldn't find any! I'll check at Lowe's tomorrow. It may have just been a "seasonal" thing. I also got my haircut. I dropped Matthew off at my mom's so I could run up to Hair Cuttery and get it trimmed. Since I have naturally curly hair, it's a mess when it gets too long and I swear, I use a whole can of hairspray on it to keep it in place! I just noticed how much I'm rambling.... LOL! I then went grocery shopping at Food Lion and got more baby food, and the essentials. It has been quite a couple of weeks and I'm broke, lol! We had to buy new car seats and it about did me in! It's called grilled cheese sandwiches for a week! I just didn't budget well, my own stupidity!

Sunday we went to church and took care of the "creepers" in the nursery. These are kids who are not quite a year old and are crawling! We had one student, MATTHEW! At noon, when church was over, we had a church-wide picnic. Everyone brought dishes to eat, casseroles, desserts, and the list goes on. My hubby was nice and got me a plate with some chicken and salad while I watched the little guy. Of course all of this excitement got Matthew all wound up and he was doing his "thing", talking and yelling. No fussing though, this is the happiest baby I've ever seen. And just to let you know, he slept GREAT Saturday night. He was a sound sleeper from 8 until 3, nursed, and went back to sleep until 7:30 that morning. Cracked me up however, that when the alarm went off, this little head raised up, sometime during the night he turned over on his belly....that was a new one.

I was off on Monday (yes Missy shoot me for not calling you ;) . I met Mom for lunch along with a bunch of other teacher friends of hers at Red Lobster. I ran 6 miles that morning and was starving by the time we got there. I couldn't get one of those garlic rolls in my mouth fast enough. I ordered the "two" entrees special. I got grilled salmon and coconut shrimp, they were to die for! Hence the reason for the 2 mile walk yesterday afternoon with Matthew.

Matthew took a nap after we left RL, and woke up at 2:30 after we got home. This child stayed up yesterday until 8:30 last night!!! He slept great as well, I was thrilled! I think maybe the transition is finally happening, he also has two teeth at the bottom ready to pop through any time now. I'm sad for this means my little guy is growing up.

As for Dancing with the Stars, I fell asleep around 9:45 and missed the ending. Cloris Leachman needs to go. I give her credit for being limber for her 82 years, but sheesh. I still love Lance and Cheryl and her partner. They are both great. So who do you like? :)

Have a great week. Next Tuesday is our 2nd anniversary, hard to believe! And that our little guy is now 8 months old!

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