Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I would have written yesterday, but had Monday off.

This weekend, it was our intention to go to Field Day of the Past, but instead we went to Maymont! I took pictures, but somehow I forgot the darn USB connector today, so I'll try to remember to post a pic tomorrow.

I worked out on Saturday and then went to the lovely (really horrible) Food Lion in Goochland. Those of you who know me, know that I loathe this store. There are never enough lanes open, the shelves are never stocked properly, etc. My list could go on and on. Surprisingly, the store was well-stocked, and almost every line was open. I wrote a pretty hot email about six months ago and let it rip about what a horrible sense of customer service they have. Things seem to be improving. Anyway, after spending $100 on baby food, and whatever else, I made my way home and John and I packed Mr. Matthew up and headed to Maymont.

I used to love this park as a child, and I think Matthew will love it as much as I DID, but let me tell you, it has truly gone downhill. I love the animal exhibits and the petting zoo, Matthew seem intrigued by the goats. We made our way to the new raptor exhibit and found a concession stand there. I was dying of thirst, well, if you ever breastfed, you know it can make you want to drink non-stop. I waited for ten minutes in line, and the kid who was working it, with his mother to say the least, thought it was more important to talk on his cellphone instead of waiting on people. Oh it so grated every nerve in my body, so either today or tomorrow, I'm going to send an email to Maymont. I'm sure they can't do anything about it, but at least they can be aware of the problem.

After we left Maymont, we went to Babies R Us and got Matthew a walker. What a hoot this child is and he LOVES it! We are not letting him on the wood floor, but he's having a blast in my office in it. My office has wood floors, so while I'm running on the treadmill, he's playing with toys that are on the tray to the walker and going backwards around the office. It's perfect. After 30 minutes, he tires out, so I put him in the bouncer and he usually takes a 30 minute nap while I finish running.

His sleep patterns have gotten worse again, and the least I can say is HELP! I let him cry it out last night and he slept for about 4 1/2 hours straight, perfect. He slept great a few nights last week and then all hell broke loose again. So I'm doing the Ferber method and will let him cry again tonight and see how it goes. Everyone keeps telling me to hang in there, that it gets better, but come on, 7 1/2 months now and still waking up,sheesh!

On Sunday, we were really bad and played hookie from church. I ran again that morning and then went to visit my old neighbors, Karen and her mom at my old townhouse. I then went next door to visit Chelsea and Joe, who bought my old townhouse. Chelsea's mom Debbie works with me and is a very good friend, so it was good hanging out there, but so totally weird to step back into my old house, how it's changed. It was an enjoyable day!

Yesterday, Monday, I had my flex day off. It was supposed to be on Friday, but it was mandatory that I be at a meeting, so I took Monday. I took my PAST DUE SUV in to get it inspected. I was so freaked I was going to get a ticket because it had August tags on it, but I made it without getting caught. When I got on the interstate, there was a state trooper with someone pulled, so I got lucky and didn't get caught. Oh well, at least now I'm driving without any worries :) I missed driving my SUV, it's been sitting for 3 weeks because of that stupid sticker. Most states do not have "state" inspections, so why does Virginia? Just another way for the state to mooch off the tax payer. So, after leaving there, I stopped in to see John's sister, then met Diane for lunch and walked the Short Pump Mall. Matthew so needed a nap, so just strolled him around for 30 minutes.

It was a busy weekend, but a good one. I so treasured the family time I spent with John and Matthew. Here's a new picture of Matthew, I'll post the Maymont pics when I find the USB connector :)


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