Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm back again...

After a rather short and busy weekend, I'm back at work.

Friday, I picked the little guy up and headed home. Upon my arrival, I fed Matthew dinner and John, myself, and baby took off on a walk. I have to admit, it was really nice. We did that a few times last week and it was wonderful. It felt so "family" oriented, and I loved it. I think we had lost site of that recently, so it's good that it's back on track somewhat.

Saturday, my husband surprised me by going to the store that morning and got steaks and bake potatoes for us for dinner. We had a nice dinner that night and went for a walk again :) We got ready for sleepy time, Matthew did his dinner, and a bath (which he needed from the picture!) and John and I enjoyed some couple time watching Kolchek on television, which is an old science fiction program. :)

Sunday we went to church, John worked on his bike, I washed the little blue Matrix, it was filthy. We actually had a nice night last night as well. Matthew is now on Stage 2 foods and could not get enough of the pineapple/pear combo last night. He chowed down on that stuff. I took Mom yesterday to the Cheesecake Factory after church. I had a gift card for there, and we both enjoyed yummy crabcake sandwiches, yummy! That's like one of my favorites.

Ok, I need to get to work, but before I do, big news to share, I have been working with our production team on a program called Questioning the Constitution, doing the educational component. John and I will be going to the premiere party on Tuesday night at the Library of Virginia. My name scrolls at the end with the credits. I worked on one about J. Sargeant Reynolds a couple of years ago, and my hubby was so proud of me, I hope he still is.

Off to work, love you guys.
P.S. Here's Matthew and his sweet potatoes.

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Missy's Blog said...

Congradulations on the program you are part of!!

You know ... since the party was last night, you could blog about that today!

Signed ...
"The Official Cindy Needs To Blog Police"