Monday, January 7, 2008

Baby Showers!!!

Well, we had quite the weekend.

Mary Ann, a very dear friend, and her two daughters had a baby shower this past weekend for us. I got so many nice things, it was unbelievable. We now have bumpers and a comforter for the crib, we have two Diaper Genies (thanks Missy!!), a playard, and a bunch of other great items. I just ordered Matthew's dresser this morning with our gift cards to Babies R Us.

Now as for the nursery, the other half seems to think it's now storage space for everything. The PlayYard that we put together, John is worried that the cats are going to make it a new home, so in the nursery it goes, then went in the travel system, then the bouncer. HELLO.....we cannot protect the kid from the cats or the cat hair. It's a part of our lives buddy, so deal with it. I think we'll have the nursery completed by the weekend, if not, I'm going to totally lose it. I have to admit though, John putting all of these goodies together has been absolutely adorable. I think he's just getting more excited every day, and rolls his eyes at me more every day as well. :P Love you honey!

On Sunday, we attended church and found out about our new minister who will be making his big "debut" next Sunday. Hopefully, this is a good guy. I can't find a whole lot on the net about him except that he has only been at his church for 4 years, which does not settle well with me. Our last minister served our congregation for 45 years, I mean this guy has a lot of standards to try to live up to. Anyway, after church, another friend, Kathy, had a baby shower luncheon at her house for us. We have gotten to be good friends throughout the years and I've "dog sat" for her quite a few times. Gotta love Cowboy!! I'll include a picture of him in this entry. She did a prayer for all of us before we had lunch, and it was just so meaningful, that mom and I had tears just pouring down our faces. I am truly blessed with some very special people in my life.

Baby Matthew is going to be "set" in the clothing line up. We got a ton of clothes, which I bet he only wears like once. They grow so quickly. He's gotten quite a few blankets, and one of the ladies at church, made him a hand knit blanket. I'll put that picture on here as well. So pretty and so meaningful.

Our friends Ashley and John are coming up Saturday night for dinner, so that will be a welcome change of focus for me right now. The house will not be its usual spotless self, but oh well. I think they'll be okay with it. I am now on my fourth round of antibiotics. I am so sick of being sick! I am improving slowly, but this nagging cough will not take a hike! John was feeling poorly last night, so hopefully he is not coming down with it again. That would really stink!

Ok, so off I go. I'm going to head to Target here shortly to get the mattress for the nursery. Thank God for gift cards :)
God bless all of you!

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