Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Christmas....

Has flown by. It would have helped a lot if John and I HAD NOT been sick. We have both been fighting sinus infections and fevers since last Wednesday night. We are on the mend and are feeling better, but it's been a long road to recovery. Our plans to work on the nursery were put on hold because of our illness. I pretty much took over the couch while I was off for 5 days. I was so pissed. There's nothing like being sick during the holidays. John, bless his heart, did get the crib put together, so I'm going to try again this weekend to get the nursery straight. I'm also going to clean on that house and get the germs OUT! I don't need to be fumigating any visitors that stop by.

Christmas Eve I think was one of the hardest days. If ever there was or is a service at our church that I enjoy, it's the Christmas Eve service and I didn't get to go. I have not missed that service in years, I love the candles throughout the church, the singing of the Christmas carols, it just doesn't seem right to NOT be there. I was so disappointed. I don't think I could have made it through the service though, coughing and running a fever while pregnant just don't mesh well together.

Christmas Day we tried to make it to Madison, Virginia to spend time with my family. I was determined to get out of that house. I love John, but 5 days couped up with someone in the same house can cause problems. I drove separately from my parents to get our rocking chair for the baby's room, which didn't happen. About two hours after being at my Aunt's house, I knew my fever had returned, so we hit the road to head home. John was not too happy with driving back to Goochland. Oh well, life happens and there are days ahead when our child will get sick and we have to rearrange schedules around him. I couldn't enjoy Christmas dinner either, the ONE day of the year when I get to pig out and nothing tasted good. I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and my OBGYN said that baby is weighing at around 5 lbs right now, but his mother has lost 5 lbs too. My appetite has just been so suppressed. I still cannot taste food, but at least I want to eat. I'm going to try to go back to the gym this Sunday just to walk. I can't believe I haven't gotten to exercise for almost 2 weeks. Yuck.

This weekend should be low key. God bless all of you and find a few Christmas shots :)

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Missy's Blog said...

I'm so sorry you and John were sick. That's a bummer. I really hope you feel better soon and you can tackle the nursery!!

You take care of yourself ... take it easy!!