Monday, November 5, 2007

I finally have time...

To write! Sheesh, what a busy couple of weeks. I have been a traveling ace the past two weeks for work. Thank goodness this one is only one day out. I do have a huge presentation to work on for the DOE conference in December, so I'll be cranking on that one the next few days.

John and I had the joy of attending a baby class on Saturday. It was actually about 4 hours in length, but we had a blast and learned a lot. There were about 26 people in attendance and we all took part in learning about breastfeeding, diaper changing, poison control and a lot of other information. John was not originally looking forward to the class, and then he said afterward, that it was very informative (TOLD YA SO!). I then went to the gym and ran/walked my six miles. I came home only to walk another mile with John, the couple time was nice. We ordered a PPV movie called Room 1408 on Saturday night. A Stephen King thriller, it was actually very good and right up our alley about ghosts.

By the way, I took a mental health day on Friday and enjoyed some time at home all by myself. I worked out and ran into my friend Mandi while there and we chatted for an hour while being on our treadmills. I then took Taz to the vet for his annual check up, he's doing great. Upon going through a pile of paperwork, he's actually 8 years of age, and will be 9 in a couple of weeks, I thought he was older than that. Love that cat!

On Sunday, I went to church for it was our farewell to Ray day. Ray has been my minister for 28 years at our church. He married us last year, baptized me when I was 12 years of age, did the funeral services for both of my grandmothers, he has been a dear, dear friend. It's so rare a minister stays at a church for 45 years, but he has and I love him. He gave me a huge kiss right on the smacker yesterday and told me to call him when this baby is delivered :) I then went to the gym and came home. On my way home, on one of the back roads to our house, was the most beautiful German Shepherd dog in the middle of the road like he was lost or something. He had tags on and I stopped and "talked" to him briefly. I then went home, talked to John for about 20 minutes, and then he road back out with me. We decided we'd at least try to contact the owner. When we went back, the dog was no where to be found :( Hopefully his rightful owner found him, he was/is a beauty! I would have stopped on my own, but was afraid I may get bitten, and I can't have that happen being pregnant and all. I said some prayers for the puppy last night.

Well, will keep you posted about this week. John and I now have only 98 days to go.

See a picture of our minister and his new truck, a gift from our church. Love to all!

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Missy's Blog said...

Sorry it's been so long since I've visited. So much is going on in your life ... busy, busy!!

The baby class sounds interesting ... there's sooo much to learn!!

Only 13 weeks to go ... you are gonna be such a GREAT Mommy!