Monday, August 13, 2007

Hello Week #14!!!

Well, hello second trimester, thank God we're finally here. Our weekend was interesting, and at least for me, extremely busy!

I finally finished the week from hell last week. No traveling this week, thank God. Saturday morning I did aerobics and walked 3 miles at the Goochland Y, I then came home and cleaned the downstairs to the house. It was filthy. I then took a shower and headed to work for pledge drive. I worked from 6 in the evening until approximately 11:15 that night. I got home around midnight. I had to call John to let him know that I was safe and on the way home. I passed more deer grazing on 288 and 64-West that night than I've seen in a year on the road in Goochland County.

Sunday, I slept until 9:30 that morning. I was so exhausted from the past two weeks and from my day cleaning and working pledge, I just needed some rest. Oh, and did I mention I'm pregnant??? That will wear me down quickly as well. I completed cleaning yesterday, the upstairs to the house. Umm, someone else who shares the house with me (and NOT the cats!) decided that he didn't like the fact that I was running the vacuum and felt as though his nap took priority over my cleaning. Whew, I about blew my stack! And of course, then the pregnant hormones kicked in and I started sobbing like a little baby. I told him that I didn't think he appreciated anything I did around the house, etc. Point was well taken and we kissed and made up.

I finished cleaning (house looks super!), and then drove down to visit with my parents. My mom and I went for a two mile walk. I plan on going for a 6 1/2 mile run/walk today after I get off work at noon, for working this past weekend, yippee! I have off Friday as well, as part of my flex day off. I plan on getting my hair cut, may meet one of my friends for lunch, and then workout. I will probably wash one of my cars when I get home today.

I finally got to play a little with my camera yesterday and got Dakota grinning. Well, not really, she was yawning, but looks like she has a grin on her face. She's such a cutie and a love bug. I also changed the bedding for the baby's room and switched BACK to the Classic Pooh style. It's at Target where we are also registered. The registering is the fun part, now if I can just get my husband motivated to clean out that bedroom, so I can get to painting the nursery, we'll be set.

God bless everyone and have a wonderful week!


Missy's Blog said...

I love the bedding you have chosen for the nursery. A friend of mine used the same pattern for her twin boys ... it was darling!

Getting the nursery completed was a top priority for me too ... but ... we didn't even get started on it until January before Griffin was born (he was born February 7).

It finally all came together pretty quickly ... cleaning out what was the craft room, removing the flowered wallpaper border, changing the wall/ceiling colors ... putting up the new airplane wallpaper border and adding the new furniture and accessories. Whew! It takes awhile, but it WILL come together quickly once you start.

If John needs any help ... just tell him to ask Mike!

Susie Q said...

I just followed the link from sweet Missy and here I am! I am so happy for you about the baby! It will be such fun to check back often and see how things are going and, eventually, see the baby's photos!

I enjoyed your photography. I have really become a camera geek of late. Blogging will do that to you!

I really like the things you have chosen for the baby's room! So sweet!

You and Cindy get to meet huh? Wonderful! Give her a hug for me okay?

You have such a special job! Anything that includes kids and Big Bird, well, that is for me!

I had to giggle when you wrote about John. That is a man for you huh? *laugh* I have been married to Bill for 29 (next week) years and I am still trying to figure him our sometimes! Love him to death but oh how mad he can make me!! *laugh*

I will be back often...stay well!