Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Another week from hell...

Well, praise the Lord, our baby is a healthy little one. Thursday we had our NT scan at Henrico Doctors Hospital and the baby has a one in 4000 chance of having any sort of disorder, I'd say we're out of the woods :) We're happy now and relieved and can enjoy the rest of this pregnancy.

I have been so freaking busy with work, gone all of last week, I'm leaving again today to head out of town for work over night at another stinking hotel. Oh, how I miss home. A dirty home right now, but still our home. This Saturday will be part cleaning day. I have to work Saturday night for pledge drive here as well. You talk about someone being tired, that'll be me! No church this Sunday, but I think God will understand.

Yesterday I enjoyed my flex day off. I was supposed to have off on Friday, but had to work in Tappahannock instead. I went with Mom to a retired teacher's luncheon, I know most of them. Mom made the big announcement that she is going to be a grandmother. We then went to the funeral home for a dear friend of hers that had passed away. Her visitation was over in Mechanicsville, so I drove mom over there, she's scared to drive on the highway, I think. I came back and then registered at Babies R Us! Woohoo, that was a blast!!! Our registry number is 53363075! Ha ha ha, so yes, buy us stuff! I am doing a Winnie the Pooh theme (see picture) for the nursery. We have to clean old furniture out in order to get the new stuff in. I'm hoping family and friends will pitch in on the furniture for the nursery, if not, I'll be diving into the good old savings account. Ha ha.

God bless you guys and will write more. I want to post ultrasound pictures from last week but our scanner here at work is being uncooperative :)

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Missy's Blog said...

Cindy ... thank you for sharing your blog link! I so enjoyed getting to "know" you a little bit.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You are pregnant at the exact same time I was pregnant with Griffin back in 2005. Are you having any cravings yet?

I hope we can all get together very soon!