Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Being the Sandwich!

Hello! I am 46 years old and I am sandwiched between two families.

Many of you know my mom. She is an amazing lady.  She was my inspiration to become a teacher!  I wrote about her the other day in class.
Getting Settled!

Bingo Boy!
Your brownish black hair sits neatly on your head, with piercing brown eyes that have high expectations of all who meet you. You carry a Godly love in your heart. As time has passed, you have aged gracefully under harsh circumstances, paving a right and narrow path for your daughter. You are my inspiration and I am beyond grateful to call you mom.

Since December, she has had two mini-strokes, and many falls.  The last one knocking herself unconscious and breaking her shoulder. She did a five-week stint in rehabilitation and it did no good.  She fell four more times while there, was in the hospital again, and then Medicare said, "No more please."  She is now in assisted living. It was probably one of the hardest decisions that dad and I had to make.  I cried.  I cried for a week and lost sleep many nights.  She is adjusting well and I visit her several times a week.  Being a teacher, and driving down from Gum Springs, can be quite taxing on both the heart, soul, and mind.  

While Mom was in rehabilitation, Dad decided it was time to get a blood clot in his leg.  It ran his ENTIRE right leg. The swelling is going down and it seems to be diminishing, but what a scare!  He stayed in HDH Forest for three days.  It was total fun while I was on summer break.  

I am now going back and forth taking care of Dad, visiting Mom, and trying to keep sanity in our own home with my sweet boy and husband.  Pray for our family, for peace, and most of all, love of each other.  What a rough will stop one of these days.

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