Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Perfect Paragraphs Part II

1.  Book
Is it a tree or is it a monster?  In the book, A Monster Calls a young man must deal with this mother's demise in a most curious manner.  He expresses his emotions and frustrations nightly to a visiting monster who guides him on a journey to find the truth.  The question being, is the monster real or is it a figment of the main character's imagination?  You be the judge.

2.  Travel
There was massive excitement as the thirteen of us met at Dulles International Airport for our long flight across the ocean waters.  A group of us from GHS (Goochland High School) was adventuring to Lyon, France to be exchange students for a month.  Our explorations would take us on the fastest train in the world, to castles built hundreds of years ago, and to a church with a temple in the basement for only slaves of the eighteenth century.  I learned how not to drive while there and that France's beer is incredibly strong! :)

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