Monday, June 9, 2014

Six Week Six Pack-Level 1

As I am sitting here in my classroom waiting for 3 p.m. to arrive (last day for teachers), I thought I would do a review of the JM video I did before leaving the house this morning.  It is bathing suit season, and I have to say, when school is out I eat much better.  I am not sure why teaching makes me get the munchies, but it does.  I am still tracking what I eat and my WW points with a notebook on a daily basis.

I try to do one video per week that focuses strictly on the abs, and then incorporate 30 minutes of cardio into the routine; usually running or walking.  I also like Killer Abs in the Jillian Michaels series of videos.  This video is approximately 32 minutes in length, NOT including a cool down, and burns between 250 and 300 calories.

She takes you through the following routine in Level 1 twice.  Just when you think you're in the clear at the 18 minute mark, she informs you that you will be doing the routine a second time, "stepping it up" at a faster pace on round two.

Level 1

  • Warm Up
    • Lunges
    • Squats
    • Low Impact Jacknives
  • Workout
    • Standing Knee Crunches (with weights)
    • Rear Lunges with dumbbell overhead, tilt back stretching the core area
    • Burpees (HATE!)
    • Squats with knee up, rotating your weight side to side
    • Alternating side lunge with weights overhead, bending upper body over to lunge down to the mat
    • Lever crunches using same arm and same leg (advanced-use both arms)
    • Back extensions (supermans with swimming arms)
    • Plank jacks
    • Long lever crunches-opposite arm and leg (if you are advanced, you can hold a weight)
    • Double crunches
    • Side crunches
    • Get up crunches (opposite arm to opposite leg)
    • Caterpillar (stand and walk your hands out into plank, return to standing position)
    • Side crunches
    • Get up crunches (other leg/arm)
    • Side planks with knee in (very tough)
    • Spiders
    • Mountain climbers
    • Side planks with knee in
    • Bridge kicks
Good luck my friends!!!!

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