Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Thanks to Eat, Drink, and Run for the idea.

10. I was on TV when I was like 10 years of age for raising the most money at Randolph Elementary School for a read-a-thon. It was some talk show for WRIC-TV. I was proud. My parents were proud, but I found out a lot of other kids had raised a lot more money than myself, so that made me feel like the "inferior" being there.

9. I never wanted to get married. Really, my philosophy was to have a "significant" other, and date, but I really never wanted to have to share a place with anyone else. Then Terri introduced me to John, and as they say, the rest is history. I wouldn't trade my life for anything, but I would love one week away with a quiet window seat and a book to read.

8. I love cats. Really, I love cats. If a stray shows up, it will become mine. My husband informed me that after we lose Taz and Dakota, there would be no more cats....sorry sucker. I've owned at least one cat all my life, and this will continue. I had to remind him that the sale of my house, bought OUR house, so I have the rights to make those choices...don't ya think?

7. I hate cellphones. Really people? Get off the darn thing and drive. And even though Virginia has passed a law to make it illegal to text and drive, there are still idiots doing it. So, thank you for driving in the passing lane 20 MPH slower than the posted speed and weaving back and forth between traffic. I have a three-year-old, so messing with a driving momma....not a good idea for anyone.

6. I was the runner-up in Randolph Elementary's 4th grade spelling bee. It was down to me and one other best friend at school, and the word was "president." My mom walked into the back of the cafeteria and I lost my train of thought. I spelled it "p-e-r"...and the rest is history. I was devastated and felt bad that I had let my classmates down.

5. I have battled weight issues most of my life. As a child, I was thin, and healthy. When I started 8th grade, I began packing on the pounds. I'd rather eat in front of the TV, than to be outside with my friends. Finally, my senior year of high school, I made the choice to get out and do something. I joined a weight loss program, and lost 35 lbs by the date I graduated in 1988. After I had Matthew and quit nursing, I piled on those same 35, but I'm proud to say that after becoming an online Weight Watchers member, I've kept that off for now.

4. I love to run. Those of you that know me, this is no new fact :) Half marathon #2 in two weeks...yikes.

3. I am an only child. And Matthew will be too, although he keeps informing me that he needs two brothers. Sorry buddy, birth control is my friend.

2. I love musicals and the theater. I used to go to musicals all the time, especially with my mom, but since she is going through her health issues, it hasn't happened in a while. And trying to get my husband to go to the theater....well, you figure it out. We did go to the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater when we were dating/engaged. He did love that FIVE years ago!!!

1. I love to clean and grocery shop. I hate dirt...I hate it with a passion. I hate germs. Blick, and it comes from having a neat freak for a mom. She could care less now about keeping a clean house, but I do. I swear, the vacuum is out every day after I get home from the gym.
As for the grocery shopping, I swear, Matthew and I have more fun driving those stupid "car" grocery carts around Kroger, than anything. They don't corner worth a damn, I run into things and the poor Kroger "stock" guy, and always blame it on Matthew's bad driving. He thinks it's hysterical! It's always fun for us to go to Kroger on Saturday and then McDonald's to get lunch! My favorite day of the FAR!

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