Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sometimes I just ask why?

I have to say I consider myself blessed...I have a beautiful family who loves me unconditionally. When I hear in the back seat of our car...."Mommy." '
What Matthew?'
"I love you."
I really think that's about all I need to hear on a daily basis to put my life into perspective.

Since the half marathon, (I can't believe I haven't posted since then), we've had some illness at our home, but have been fortunate that they have just been colds.

We have been blessed with attending two birthday parties for Matthew's classmates. I had my first Kangaroo Jac experience (ugh!).
We have had some trauma too within the past two weeks, my favoritest car EVER, our Ford Escape, was having some braking issues. Thanks to my parents neighbor who probably saved us thousands, she's back on the road.

Our poor kitty Dakota was diagnosed with kidney disease last week, which will eventually take her from us. I do believe that I will eventually get to the point, with fluids, etc, that we'll put her to sleep. I can't bear to see a cat suffer with renal failure again. It's no fun, and I'm not going to keep her suffering for my own selfish reasons. Matthew and I tried to have a conversation about death the other week. I just wanted to prepare him for the worst with Dakota in case it came down to the ultimate decision.

I explained to Matthew that our pets are here to love and cherish, but eventually they have to go to Heaven to help God. He asked where Heaven is, and I told him way, way up high in the fluffy clouds. He repeated and said way way up high. And here's what blew my mind...he said he'd get the ladder and climb way up high to see Dakota in the clouds. It literally brought a ton of tears to my eyes. My sweet, dear boy. Your unconditional love continues to amaze me.

Anyway, for now, she has a death sentence hanging over her, but she may have 2 years or she may have 5 years, or it may be 6 months, it remains to be seen. Financially, I already have the burden of our little guy in pre-school, now I have TWO cats on special diets, and one who is a diabetic who requires insulin shots twice a day. I mean really? I have always been a responsible pet owner, and I will always be a cat-girl. My husband says no more pets...tough toonces buddy, my house too, so at least one kitty will always be present. :)

Onto other things, I leave for Philadelphia on June dang! I will be taking my first train ride on Amtrak. I sure hope it's a good experience. I have heard otherwise from some sources. I can't believe I'll have 4 days of peace, attending a conference, and lying out by a pool when I feel the need. Woot!

Hope all of you have a blessed day. Here's our precious Dakota...say some prayers for her.

Mom is continuing to have her "issues" with depression, so prayers would be appreciated for her as well. I really don't understand the disease and never, ever will.

Busy weekend our house, cleaning mom's house, Kroger shopping and hopefully some pool time. And of course, my runs will be a major part of the schedule.

Until next week...I promise to do better!

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