Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm still here...

I know, you guys probably think I've disappeared off the map. It's called being a new mom!!!

Matthew turned 5 months old last week, he's 23 weeks old today. It just blows my mind! Time is flying and I so wish I could work part-time to spend more time with him. John wants another baby and I'd be willing, but I refuse to work full-time if we have another one. Hope you read this honey!!!

We went last Friday to have pictures taken at Sears of Mr. Matthew. He did so great. He hadn't had a nap that morning and I thought for sure we were in for a bad experience, but he was a real ham and happy as a lark. I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. I so wanted to be BEHIND that camera instead of helping with clothing changes, set-up, etc. I actually went on Sears website, they're hiring a photographer in the Richmond area. My favorite idea is Portrait Innovations has an opening for a photographer/sales associate at their Short Pump location. Starting salary 30K and opportunity to earn more through commission. I WANT it! Trying to talk to John about a career change or even going back into teaching is like talking to a brick wall. I've never seen anyone more opposed to change, it really frustrates me. Most of my friends have very supportive husbands when it comes to careers and wanting to change for the betterment of self, not mine. I'm thinking I'll just apply and see what happens. I may be married, but I'm still ME and I can still make decisions for myself. Oh well, vent over.

We had a good weekend last weekend, John and I went to church and after it, we went to a little subdivision in Henrico called Wellsley in the Short Pump area. They have a park there with tons of ducks and geese. There are signs posted everywhere NOW (used to not be the case) to NOT feed the ducks and geese. Well, I accidentally fed those ducks and geese a whole loaf of bread. John laughed, and thought for sure that we'd get arrested. The sad part is, Matthew slept the whole time! He popped his eyes open briefly to check things out, and then must have decided sleep was more important (lol).

Sleep for the little guy has improved tremendously. He HAD been getting up only once a night. Last night was horrible, he was up like 4 times, however, I soon discovered what the problem is. He sleeps in a pac n play right now next to the bed and it has a battery operated vibration system, simulates really riding in a car. The batteries decided to die around 1 a.m., so hence, a bad night for sleep. I washed a new sheet for it this morning and plan on changing those suckers as soon as I get home from work.

I'm having a bad allergy day, two days now without Claritin, so I think I'm going to have to make a stop somewhere on the way home or during my lunch hour. I was a little late for work this morning, the exit I take off of 288 had a 5 car accident, and they had the entire road shut down, so I had to reroute and was 10 minutes late for work. Oh well, such as life, but at least I got here safely.

Hope all of you have a blessed week. I promise to write at least every week now.
P.S. Picture from Sears.

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