Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yep, it's time to bitch about the economy. I live in Goochland and work in Richmond, so I have at least a 30 mile drive in and home daily. Ugh! Gas is killing us me. I have an SUV, which I LOVE to drive because of sitting up higher and seeing better, then I have my Toyota Matrix, which is brand new and gets 37 MPG, but at $4 a gallon, you're screwed no matter what you're driving. I voted for Bush, I admit it, but I hate that SOB. I think our economy will continue to go into the hole until he gets out of office. I think people are so fed up with the Republican party, I almost guarantee Obama will make it into office, we'll have to wait and see. And yes, I liked Hillary. I have always been an "independent" voter, and voted for the man, or woman in this case, that will be suitable for the job. Who knows where this election will lead?

On another note, John has his Second Baptist motorcycle ride this weekend. I'm really proud of him for organizing it and working with our new minister on it. Craig Sherouse is our new minister at Second Baptist, I think he's just awesome. I'm glad John is taking the time to get to know him a little better.

On another note, Matthew is doing well after 5 more shots on Tuesday, the poor little guy. He had his 4 month checkup and loves Dr. Bates, one of his pediatricians. She is adorable, and he just grins at her. Then the evil nurses come in and hit him with 4 shots. They asked me if I wanted to hold him, I was like heck no, I don't want him to associate me with pain. So, they took him away and I got to hear him scream down the hall. Poor thing, and he gets to do it again in two more months :( He's in better spirits now and is taking Tylenol for a low grade fever he has been running since the shots. I think that's why he slept so well last night, and boy, I needed it.

Hugs to everyone. We have a family reunion this weekend, so I'm sure I'll post pics from it.

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