Wednesday, January 23, 2008

15 days to go...

Holy smokes. I can't believe that in only 15 more days, our little tyke will be here. It still blows my mind. I had another doctor's appointment yesterday with, not my regular OBGYN (she's out of the country on a mission trip), but with one of her partners. I really liked him. He's a funny guy. Anyway, our little boy still has not budged, is sitting high and pretty, so the c-section is still on. His heart rate was 146, and very strong. My blood pressure is much better as well.

Weekend was fairly busy. I finished cleaning the house, I did the bathrooms on Friday night. I walked 3 miles on my treadmill and took a shower. I got ready for our friends John and Ashley to come over. We had a nice Saturday evening with them. Menu included tossed salad, rice pilaf, pasta salad, and chicken/steak kabobs on the grill. John gave my friend John a guitar lesson and Ashley and I spent some time talking. They are a cute couple and compliment each other very well.

Sunday we headed to church. After church, Mom and I went to Applebee's for lunch. We then went up to Macy's to look around at different stuff, especially baby clothes. I didn't buy anything and behaved myself. On Monday, I had the day off for MLK day and enjoyed a quiet day at the house all day. Mom wanted me to come by, but almost all of her cats have a stomach/diarrhea virus, so I decided to stay away. I talked to my doctor yesterday, and he said to stay away too. Despite the fact that I'm 37 weeks pregnant, I need to avoid them like the plague. Some animal viruses can affect a fetus, even this late in the game. So, I remained smart and stayed at home. My mother did not like it one bit, but she'll get over it. I know she stresses out about those kitties, but that house is ridiculous. All the cats eat different foods, etc, and they all need to be on the SAME food and no wet food, but my parents just will not listen. It's the dumbest damn thing I've ever seen. Both of my cats have been on IAMS hairball formula for 5 years and have had great experiences. Dakota gets sick on occasion, but that's because she eats too darn fast, but otherwise, she's a great kitty. Taz is awesome, although some other fart in my house doesn't appreciate him.

By the way, the fart in my house, AKA my husband, is a year older today. Happy Birthday Honey, I love you lots. Your best birthday present is yet to come, our little baby boy.

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